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Rules and Such...


1) You may Join and Submit freely but we ask that you submit into the correct folders. If you have art or a model to submit and there is no appropriate folder, please send a note with a desired folder. You will be directed to the correct folder after that. The featured folder is not in use at this time.

2) All model types are welcome. If you changed a model that was created by someone else, you are asked to credit that person or persons.

3) We do accept static models since there are some modders out there who might like to rig them. The only thing we ask is that you clearly label them as 'static' or 'non-posable' so that other users know what they are downloading.

4) We no longer accept artwork pertaining to Xnalara. If you have art using the models you found here, please direct it to :iconxnalaracustomizedart: for submitting.

5) If you do not credit your models to their original owner and are accused of stealing, you will immediately be removed from the group. This is about creativity, not theft.

6) You can suggest a fave but please be selective. We don't need tons of unrelated works getting suggested.

7) All types of work are welcome. Nudity, sexual themes, gore. Thats all perfectly fine. Just try to use the mature content settings appropriately so we don't have any offended viewers.

At current, that is all the rules we have. If anything else becomes needed, this section will be updated.

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abst3rgo Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New member
Adngel Featured By Owner 2 days ago
:nuu:   I've sent an adult mod into the Devil May Cry folder by mistake! :nuu: 

GOMENASAI! Cry emote 
MasterKenway2014 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Watch Dogs Tools

Watch Dogs – Direct File Import.

To prove that it is possible to reimport files directly into the dat-file, I’ve done some experimenting with one
particular DDS file (which has a XBT extension).

The main problem I had, was to find the position of a particular file within the [windy_city.dat] file.

After trying out several tools, [WD_Extractor] (a GUI friendly WD exporter) gave me just that. Unfortunately,
the tool does not detect all DDS files; and no idea how the other formats will do.

Using [Xnview], I quickly scrolled through the exported DDS files to find one particular DDS file which
location I could easily pinpoint within the city. Luckily, the wall poster at the Owl Motel
[adpaint_motel_01_d.xbt] was just what I needed.
[WD_Extractor] extracts files in a generic_name (meaningless) version (and without any additional header info),
so I had to find the corresponding file “manually” in the unpacked [windy_city_unpack] folder… However,
through its ‘Properties’ option, [WD_Extractor] gives you the offset of that file within – in this case – the
[windy_city.dat] file. As I found out later, that position is the exact position where the DDS-part of the file starts
(along with the correct size_value).

So, during import, we either use that position to import the (changed) DDS file. Or we first deduct the
header_value (96 bytes) from that position, in order to import the (changed) XBT file.

Also, if one extracts the [dat]-file without using the [projects] folder, you’ll get a single folder with hex-named
files (and their appropriate extensions). The ‘header’ in those files is shorter (only 44 bytes), while the unpacked
files - with the [projects] folder – contain a header of 96 bytes; just like in the actual [windy_city.dat] file.

As I had now found the appropriate/corresponding file in the [windy_city_unpack] folder, I could finally start
my experimenting.

Step 1: add this file in the [Patch.dat] file to see that everything continues working as expected.
Result: no problems so far

Step 2: change the DDS file slightly, and see if it shows within the game using the [Patch.dat] file.
I used [] to add some text to the wall poster. Important here is to know what type of format it uses
(in this case DXT5), and what options to select before saving. I kept its “standard” options, but eventually
chose to save with Bitmaps (as this gave me pretty much the same size as the original file).

Result: no problems (after some experimenting: if done incorrectly, you’ll see a ‘white’ poster)
Step 3: use the changed DDS file to reimport directly into the [windy_city.dat] file (keeping its original size).
The [Patch.dat] file has to be removed/renamed so that it is not used any longer.
Using [sfk.exe] (Swiss File Knife) and based on the “Properties”-values given by [WD_Extractor], I ran
following command:
[sfk172 partcopy adpaint_motel_01_d_NEW.xbt -allfrom 0 windy_city.dat 46273360]
(whereby 46273456-96=46273360, being the fact that it had a 96-byte header)

Result: no problems (after some experimenting: if done incorrectly, you’ll see a ‘white’ poster)
How I found out to use the 96-byte header:
a. Since I got ‘white’ posters at first, I looked at the unpacked file again, and now saw that its header was
actually 96-bytes long.
b. To be sure how the file “existed” within the [windy_city.dat] file, I extracted it from there directly using

SFK again:
[sfk172 partcopy windy_city.dat 46273360 175024 adpaint_motel_01_d_SFK.xbt]
(I first deducted 44 bytes, but quickly noticed that this header was incorrect…)
(if I wanted the DDS file immediately, then I could extract from position 46273456)
Samjoos Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
markopolo243 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Can someone link me to the newest version of XNALara? Can't seem to find a proper good link that isn't an older version or otherwise just plain shady
Eggheadcobra Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
I don't know if it's jus me, but did something happen to the General Vehicles foulder? There's only 8 pages, and I could've sworn there were a whole lot more : o
ZmokeFIN Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I just found out about this great club, and after seeing your pieces of art, I'd be intrigued to see your iterations of Kotal Kahn as well. I sent an affiliation request and I hope it will be approved from both sides.

Keep up the good work. :gadget:
LarsMasters Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Warriors/Musou series should be created to put the characters there (except the characters like from NG/DOA & SC)
Adngel Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
Hi, there is a Jake mod in the Adult folder, which actually should be in the RE folder: (Jake Muller Desert), I don't know how he ended there, maybe I had any lag when I sent it making me send it to a wrong folder @_@ I don't know. 

On another topic, I can't send models to the sub folders, (for example, in RE, I can't sent mods to the RE Creatures folder) so till the moment I sent them to the main RE folder, ¿is fine in that way? O.ò
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